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Sound Healers use an array of instruments for healing, including the human voice. In 1:1 sessions, Marc primarily focuses on on the tuning of the human biofield (vibrational healing with planetary tuning forks), combined intuitively with the use of crystal singing bowls, chimes, rainmakers, flutes, and drums; all instruments we use at our Sound Healing group events (Sound Meditation)

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Tuning forks vibrate at the frequencies calculated by Swiss mathematician and musicologist Hans Cousto, based on his discovery of the natural law of the ‘Cosmic Octave’. In Sound Therapy, tuning forks are applied in terms of ‘sonopuncture’. They are superb for precise attunement to the naturally occurring frequencies of nature and life; which brings our body and soul into tune with the universe. 

The intention and presence the therapist puts into the sound healing sessions — both as a giver and as a receiver — are as important as the frequencies themselves. Jonathan Goldman, a pioneer of the recent rise in Sound Healing, created the formula ‘Frequency + Intention = Healing’. Thoughts can be seen as a form of energy and as we add beneficial, health-promoting, heart-centered intention into the process, the results of the sound healing are magnified. In other words, when the sound healer induces beneficial frequencies during the sound therapy, the body gets a signal to move towards this frequency and match the ‘healthy’ sound vibration. In the process of promoting the flow of vital life force within the human body and the human energy field, tuning forks are intended to assist and facilitate clearing, balancing, and energizing the energy body in a simple and gentle way. 

Tuning Forks instantaneously alter your body’s biochemistry and bring your nervous system and organs into harmonic balance; they can be used to relieve everyday stress, as an aid to mental clarity, to enhance yoga and meditation, and as a pain management tool.

Vibrational Sound Healing has been used to help children and adults on the autism spectrum, and seniors suffering from Alzheimer's disease. For children with being challenged with an emotional imbalance known as ADHD or ADD, Sound Healing bolsters attention and focus, reduces hyperactivity, and strengthens social skills.


A biofield tuning session can be a profound experience that supports your process to inner and outer wellbeing in a most positive way. 

The treatment is combined with VAT on a Vibroacoustic massage table. For more information on Vibroacoustic Therapy please click here:

Biofield & Vibroacoustic Fusion :

75min | 180.- *

Sacred Sound Meditation :

Click here for upcoming dates

*this includes a short assessment and gentle grounding at the end of each session — as we strive to always give our clients a most integral experience. 



What are the challenges I am facing? Where am I stuck?  And what do I need in this very moment?

Together we evaluate your situation and explore your needs in a preliminary talk. 



Surrender to the sound and vibrations and let it do its magic.



Let the experience integrate. Be patient. How can I support this process? What can be of support?

Let us talk about it.

"What a deep and impactful session I experienced yesterday. I have done a lot of different work over the years in order to expand my knowledge about myself and get to the core of my being; this experience though cannot be compared to anything else. I am so much more 'back to my true self'. No words can describe how my body feels. Thank you so much" - Natalia Sen Gupta

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