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An essential Breathwork & Pranayma Online Course

This essential Breathwork & Pranayama Online Course has been designed for anyone seeking emotional and physical wellbeing, and along with it, a lasting change in their lives through the transformative power of breath.

Through this course, you will gain a solid foundation in Breathwork and Pranayama techniques, presented to you in a sequential and easily understandable way. Additionally, the course also covers some amazing standalone nervous-system regulating techniques, all of them being most practical tools to bring relaxation and balance into your daily life.

We invite you on a journey of cultivating present moment awareness by becoming aligned with the most valuable tool you were born with: your breath.

In an effort to make this work accessible to as many people as possible, we have made the conscious decision to set a very affordable base price, allowing you to determine what you'd like or are able to pay for this course. Because learning about something that is your birthright should not be hindered by financial limitations.

Join this invaluable course, and know that you are warmly welcomed with an open heart.

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Connect to your Breath. Today.

Change your life for the better on all levels – gain access on Vimeo OTT to this fundamental pay-what-you-can Online Course and tap into the wisdom within, your very own Sanctuary of Stillness. 

(subtitles available in english / german)

Sacred Ways Breathwork Course Vimeo
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