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• Corporate Sustainability & Employee Wellness through the power of Sound & Breath

• Private Sound & Breathwork Events for small groups

• Present Moment Awareness at Schools


Our intention is to bring balance and health through the cultivation of present moment awareness to work environments and schools alike. Thus, we aim to inspire employees, teachers, and students not only to sustain a level of wellbeing but also to create additional value in their lives inside and outside of their work environments and classrooms.


Workplace wellness

Whether as an inherent part of a Corporate Philosophy or in the context of Team Building Events, it has become of great importance in recent times for corporations and small businesses alike. There is a growing interest in creating a work culture that promotes a better work-life balance, and organizations today are keen to invest in well-being modalities for their employees as an essential part of a sustainable work environment. 

Today, organizations discern the negative impact of stress on employee productivity and the importance of holistic wellness. We firmly believe that Sound Healing and Breathwork have the potential, like no other modalities, to guide us to the core of creation and inspiration itself. Mindfulness modalities, Sound Healing, and Breathing Techniques help you ease work-related stress that sometimes causes you torment. They allow you to slow down your thoughts and compel you to open up and create new avenues in the brain.

Some of our clients benefiting from this work include:

School environments

It is no secret that the school system, as we know it, has become challenging in many ways for both teachers and students. There are more indications of ADHD, and a growing dissatisfaction in children and their parents about the dynamics that are evident in classrooms nowadays. As a graduate social educator, Marc has seen and experienced these dynamics for many years. Although we firmly believe in a new paradigm that is to come in the near future when it comes to education, we also believe in balance. Thus, a concept for our public schools that is open to integrating the power of Sound Medicine and Breathwork as a method of empowerment — to teach simple techniques for self-application so children can learn how to better regulate their nervous system.

Mindfulness modalities, Sound Healing, and Breathing-Techniques help you ease work-related stress that sometimes causes torment. They allow you to slow down your thoughts and compel you to open up and create new avenues in the brain.

Private Offerings

We also offer private Sound Meditations and Breathwork sessions for small groups, families, couples and expectant parents and their unborn baby; in the latter group often in repeated sessions until a few days before the due date. The power of the sounds have a healing effect on mother, partner and child on all levels and support the wondrous process up to birth.

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What we offer:

  • On-Site, recurring Breathwork and Mindfulness Modalities for Management and Teams

  • On-Site, recurring Sound Healing Ceremonies for Management and Teams

  • Tailored Sound & Breathwork Services and for Team and Executive Events, on-site or at exclusive locations

  • Tailored Transpersonal Corporate Retreats — including all of the above — at exclusive locations in regard to Stressmanagement, Burnout-Prevention & Team Building

  • Recurring private Sound Meditations and Breathwork Ceremonies for expectant parents, families, couples and small groups, on-site or at one of our studios in Zürich. 

Benefits of Sound & Breath Modalities in Schools and Corporations

  • Downtime Space - allows everyone to be more creative, focused & work better. 

  • Supports mental well being - Sound Healing and Breathwork are preventative mental health strategies.

  • Natural anti-depressant - our bodies respond to Sound and Vibrational Therapy by releasing  endorphins, serotonin & oxytocin. 

  • Boosts the immune system - Less sick days.

  • Decreases tension and helps in anger management.

  • Deep relaxation of our nervous systems 

  • Improves mental alertness - work more effortless, not harder.

  • Reduces stress 

  • Sustainability — the effects can be felt in all areas of our lives, even more when modalities are maintained regularly.

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