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'Transformative education and experiences through Sound, Breath, and Present Moment Awareness'

Breathwork Ausbildung Schweiz

Welcome to the Sacred Ways Institute of Transformational Arts, located in Zürich, Switzerland. Our institute is dedicated to providing transformative trainings and experiences for teachers of a new paradigm, centered around the transformative power of Breathwork, Sound Healing, Transpersonal Psychology, and Integrative Bodywork.

At Sacred Ways, we embrace a modern, psycho-spiritual approach to education, blending both science-backed methods and ancient wisdom teachings. With extensive expertise in the Healing Arts, co-founder Marc Grüninger has crafted the Naikando Method®, an innovative fusion of Conscious Connected Breathing and Sound and Frequency, based on a fundament of authentic self-inquiry, forming the foundation of our certified Transformational Guide & Breathwork Teacher program. Breathwork Ausbildung Schweiz

In addition to this unique signature training, we provide a range of offerings including Online Courses, 1:1 and private sessions, and exquisite ceremonial Group Events. These include Breathwork Ceremonies, Sound Meditations, Women's Circles, and transformative retreats, all designed to support your personal awakening and discovery process.

The Sacred Ways Institute is a partner school of the IBF International Breathwork Foundation.


Transformational Guide
Breathwork Teacher

More than a Breathwork Training: Join us for this comprehensive, certified trauma-informed 6-month program.

Next Trainings start in January 2024

(fully booked / waiting list)

and August 2024 respectively

(only a few  spots left / application process open)

Your journey begins within

The journey begins within, as you delve into the depths of your true essence and retrieve your own unique frequency. Our individually attuned sessions and treatments can initiate this process, so you may experience insights into your own spiritual development, revealing your self-sabotaging patterns as well as the obstacles of cultural and ancestral conditioning that was passed down to you. 


In both our one-on-one sessions and group ceremonies, we remain attuned to the ever-present moment. Our aim is to be a vessel of support, triggering your innate ability to self-heal. We honor the past as the vehicle that has brought you to this very moment, while embracing the visions of your future. We believe in the transformational power of ceremony, and encourage you to fully embrace the sole reality of the present moment.

We recognize the importance of creating a safe and nurturing space. Our team brings together years of professional experience in the fields of Breathwork, Sound Healing, Transpersonal Psychology, Systemic Coaching, Integrative Bodywork, Somatic Experiencing, Community and Social Work, Family Counselling & Mentoring, Shamanic Ceremonial Work, and Women's and Men's Wisdom Work.

Who can benefit from this work?

Our work is designed to benefit anyone who consciously chooses to step out of the limitations of belief systems, collective and individual fears, and emotional and physical traumas. It is for those who are open to embracing a new thought paradigm that promotes worthiness, well-being, and above all, a reconnection with their authentic selves.

Our transformative programs and offerings might benefit you greatly if:

・you wish to cultivate present moment awareness in your life.

・you want to get to the core of emotional and physical blockages.

・you are willing to take charge of your own life.

・you want to get clarity and alignment around your soul purpose.

・you want to reconnect with your essence and true potential.

・you want to cultivate a loving heart that will make this world a better place.

・you want to nurture your physical and emotional health and spiritual development. 

・you want to become a teacher to others in a most authentic way.

・you want acquire a beyond comprehensive, invaluable skillset for your business.


At Sacred Ways, we view everything as infinite energy, constantly moving and transitioning. We draw inspiration from the power of family and the sacred bonds created within it, as well as the natural world and the intricate dance of wisdom within this grand mystery of life. Our vision is to be of service, offering a pathway for people to return to their natural vibration, true voice, and full potential. We firmly believe that ancient healing modalities incorporating Sound and Breath are powerful tools that reconnect us with our essence, support our health and well-being, and align us with the awareness of the present moment.

When we tap into our true essence, we discover our purpose. We can live life in sacred ways and honor the wisdom that resides within us all.

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