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Expand into your greatest Self while becoming an authentic teacher to others

At Sacred Ways, we firmly believe that to be an authentic teacher to others, it takes the power of community and a courageous, psycho-spiritual approach through honest self-inquiry. Our understanding is that we can only guide our clients as deeply as we have been willing to venture ourselves. 


This in-depth, 6-month, trauma-informed transpersonal program goes beyond a typical Breathwork Teacher training. It is a deeply profound personal growth journey that will shape you in beautiful ways, leaving you with newfound confidence and self-acceptance. It consists of 250+ hours; a carefully crafted on-site training* coupled with virtual and personal support and check-ins between modules. Throughout this certified program, you will be nurtured within your tribe and empowered to embrace the full extent of your true potential. Prior to this Teacher Training, we optionally offer 'Sanctuary of Stillness', an essential and comprehensive Online-Breathwork and Pranayama course (making this program a 8 - 9 month training) so you will have solid fundament before embarking on this transpersonal journey. 

The Naikando Method® is based on Conscious Connected Breathing / Conscious Energy Breathwork, a technique dating back to the 1970s developed by Leonard Orr, which delves deeply into the topics of immortality and rebirth. Central to this method is circular breathing, forming the basis for a powerful self-awareness and personality development tool that can bring profound shifts in consciousness.

Incorporating elements of frequency and sound therapy, Marc has enriched the Naikando Method® with the use of tuning forks and toning through the voice, the latter particularly when in deep meditative states; a cutting-edge approach that enhances the method's capacity for self-healing. By immersing yourself in it, you gain additional standalone coaching tools and a solid foundation to become a certified, trauma-informed Transformational Guide. The program covers various techniques in the field of transpersonal psychology, Breathwork, and sound therapy, empowering you to determine the most appropriate tools for clients in preparation for transpersonal Breathwork sessions.

*We believe in the power of real-life gatherings in ceremonial settings and the strength of tribal support. While there are numerous online trainings available, without judging other schools or institutes, we firmly believe that for this specific kind of Breathwork, particularly transpersonal Breathwork, it is absolutely crucial to learn in real-life settings. Working in an environment where trauma surfaces and your guidance and presence are required, you must be able to hold the space effectively. It's essential to remember that being a great ZOOM space holder doesn't automatically translate to being a great space holder on-site, but a real-life spaceholder is more likely to be quite proficient in holding space virtually as well.

Breathwork Ausbildung Schweiz

Throughout the program, you will gain invaluable knowledge in the science of breath, sound, humanistic and transpersonal psychology, inner child and shadow work, and ancient wisdom teachings.

Upon completing this training, you will not only be deeply connected to your true self but will also have the confidence to lead one-on-one and group Breathwork sessions. You will learn to hold space authentically and calmly, set boundaries, communicate truthfully with clients, connect with your intuition, and conduct sessions with your unique signature style, integrating various instruments and music playlists that resonate with your being.

This science-backed Teacher Training provides you with a profound understanding of the human psyche, equipping you with the skills and knowledge to facilitate Breathwork sessions that support people's healing, helping them tap into their full potential. By completing this training, you will gain more than just a skillset; you will embody a way of being that translates into personal transformation for both yourself and your clients.

This transformative program is unlike any other; it is the first on thus far, the only Breathwork Training in Switzerland and continental Europe that combines transpersonal modalities, Breathwork, and essential knowledge and hands-on experience in the area of Sound and Frequency Therapy. It is a Teacher Training ins the truest sense of the word, empowering students to step in their teacher role early on in the process. 

Sacred Ways Institute of Transformational Arts is a member school of the IBF International Breathwork Foundation.

The Naikando Method® is based on three essential pillars:


As within, so without. As teachers, we cannot teach others what we're not — we can only impart what we have explored within ourselves. To authentically guide with trust and confidence, embracing the interplay of light and shadow, absolute present moment awareness is essential.



We are breath. The understanding of the right breathing patterns and their tremendous benefits, and the mastery of fundamental Pranayama techniques pave the way to transpersonal breathing techniques, particularly Conscious Connected Breathwork, which the method is based on.

Sound & Frequency Healing

The third pillar consists of the knowledge of using sound and frequency healing modalities as standalone therapeutic tools, but even more importantly, using them as essential tools in breathwork sessions. This involves working with tuning forks and having participants use the power of toning for a transformative shift in consciousness.

At Sacred Ways, our dedication goes beyond crafting experiences and programs for individual transformation. We carefully choose our partners and locations that share our values. We are grateful to have our Training Program held at our wonderful main residences in Zürich, as well as the immersion-week amidst the beauty of the Southern Black Forest in the power place Badenweiler.

Marc will be your lead teacher, guiding you with Valérie's support trough this transformative journey along with some renowned guest teachers:

Anna Beauregard

Anna Beauregard is a certified Integrative Health Coach (Duke University), Breathwork guide (Grof Transpersonal Training, Esalen Institute), and founder of ‘Breathwork Zurich.’ Anna also holds a Masters Degree in Neuroscience and Mental Health Psychology (King's College London). She expertly combines life coaching with Breathwork and Sound Therapy to provide a comprehensive approach to personal growth and well-being. With a dedicated studio in Zurich, Anna leads groups both locally and across various cities worldwide.  


Alan Steinborn

For over 20 years Meditation Teacher and Gong Player, Alan Steinborn has been helping people all around the world engage in life in mindful and loving ways. In addition to working extensively throughout the US, he has given sessions in Germany, Switzerland, France, Italy, Bali, India, and Brazil. Lately he has focused his attention and time on being the best gong player he can be. He has seen how the gongs, when played in a sensitive and creative way, can bring about instant and profound transformation.

Alan Steinborn-265.jpg

Next Transformational Guide & Breathwork Teacher Trainings 

January 2024 – June 2024 (fully booked / waiting list)

Module 1 | Friday, 12. January – Sunday, 14. January*

Module 2 | Saturday,  10.February – Sunday, 11. February**

Module 3 | Friday, 15. March – Sunday, 17. March**

Module 4 | Saturday, 13. April – Sunday, 14. April**

Module 5 | Saturday 4. May – Sunday, 5. May**

Immersion Days | Wednesday, 29. May – Sunday, 2. June***

Module 6 | Friday, 28. June – Sunday 30. June*

*Das Yogahaus Dubs & Downdog Yoga, Zürich  | **Be:Life Studio, Zürich  | ***Balance Revital Hotel, Badenweiler

August 2024 – February 2025 (a few spots available) 

Module 1 | Friday, 23. August – Sunday, 25. August*

Module 2 | Saturday,  14. September – Sunday, 15. September*

Module 3 | Friday, 4. October – Sunday, 6. October*

Module 4 | Saturday, 9. November – Sunday, 10. November**

Immersion Days | Wednesday, 4. December – Sunday, 8. December***

Module 5 | Saturday, 11. January – Sunday, 12. January**

Module 6 | Saturday, 1. February – Sunday, 2. February**

*Das Yogahaus Dubs & Downdog Yoga, Zürich  | **Be:Life Studio, Zürich  | ***Seminarhaus Hollerbühl, Dachsberg

Language: German; in exceptional cases both English / German depending on group constellation. Thank you for your understanding.

Schedule: Fridays 17:30 - 21:30, Saturday & Sundays 8:30 - 17:30

Self-study and practice requirements in-between on-site modules approximately 10hrs

There will be ongoing support throughout the entire program and  Zoom meetings between modules.



On-Site: 180 hours

Predecessor Online Course: ca. 15 – 20 hours

Self experience and study group: ca. 60 hours

Total training hours: 250+ hours


Whom is this program for?

This program is open to anyone with a solid emotional foundation* and the willingness to embark on this transformative journey, including:

• Therapists

• Coaches

• Teachers

• Doulas and Palliative Guides

• Entrepreneurs

• Businessmen / Businesswomen

• Spiritual seekers

• Career changers

• Family men and women

While having some basic knowledge of Breathwork, humanistic psychology, and an interest in transpersonal psychology can be beneficial, it is not a strict requirement to enroll in this program.

*Physical and emotional well-being are crucial for participation, and it's always wise to consult with a medical professional if any doubts arise.


Training Program Tuition 



Sfr. 5700.-*



*excludes Retreat place accommodation and meals for the 5-day immersion


If there are any financial hinderances paying the entire amount up front, please let us know. We will gladly work out a interest free two or three payment installment plan with you.

Attending all modules is a requirement. If anything prevents you from taking part in a module you will have the opportunity to repeat in the following program. We intend to offering this Training twice a year. 

There is a non-refundable deposit of Sfr. 500.- due upon registration of the course to reserve your spot in the program.

For more information on policies please take a look at our terms and conditions

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